DIY clay fat cat paperclip bookmark

Cute Clay Fat Cat Paper Clip Bookmark

As much as we love our e-reads and other digital gadgets, there is nothing like holding a wonderful physical book in our hands, so bookmark! So why not make a lovely cute clay fat cat paper clip bookmark that will not only keep a place in our kids’ storybooks but will also make them smile?

Children have always been fascinated by animals. They enjoy making and displaying animal crafts.

I thought this clever DIY air-dry clay fat cat paper clip bookmark craft would be great for encouraging kids to read a bedtime tale regularly.

How to Make a Fat Cat Paper Clip Bookmark with Air-Dry Clay

It’s a little time-consuming project because you have to color and let dry numerous times, but I believe the effort is worthwhile.

The best part is that you can involve your kids in coloring the face of this DIY clay orange cat bookmark and enjoy spending valuable time together.

With just a few basic supplies, we can get started on this interesting air-dry clay fat cat paper clip bookmark project!

What you need:


So start by drawing a fat cat face around 2 inches in size on a piece of paper and cutting it down.

To create a DIY clay fat cat paper clip bookmark, we will begin with air-dry clay.

Take out a lemon-sized piece of clay and knead the clay thoroughly to form a smooth and fine dough ball.

air dry clay fat cat bookmark

It’s important to ensure that the dough ball is free of any cracks and has a smooth surface.

Simply roll out the clay into a little flat round disc.

Now place that ‘fat cat paper cut out’ on the flatten disc and trace the lines accordingly. Cut out the clay face using a utility knife firmly.

You can even cut it directly without tracing the line on clay, as I did.

After lifting the cat face, smooth the edges with moist fingertips if necessary; alternatively, leave it as is to give it a raw look.


Add details to your cat’s ears with a modeling tool, as shown in the image.

fat cat face bookmark with air dry clay

Lay aside to dry for at least 48 hours. You could also use toothpicks.

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When it gets dried up, use sandpaper to smooth the edges. Carefully sand the edges with the sandpaper until they get fine.

Using a soft and clean cloth, remove the dust from the clay cat and your working desk.

The next step is to color me. This ‘color me’ step can be enjoyed with kids, so pick the orange color and start painting. I used no.2 paintbrush for it, and a no. zero for the other details.

orange clay fat cat craft

To enhance the face, color the clay cat face orange thoroughly on both the front and back sides twice.

When finished, set aside to dry for 30 minutes or more.

After that, mix a pinch of black into the orange color and paint only on the edges of the front part to create a shadowy effect. Allow it to dry for another 15 minutes.


The next stage is to create ‘the cat’s expression’… so paint some stripes. I used burnt sienna for it.

I chose flash tint color for the nostrils, and black & white for the eyes.

To make pink for the tongue, I added a sprinkle of red into the white.

fat cat face with clay paper clip bookmark

After above step, allow it to dry for a few minutes before finishing the nostrils with black outlines and drawing some black whiskers.

For eyes, paint black dots on white circles and let it dry for 15 minutes. To finalize the details of the eyes, place smaller white dots on black circles and add black brows.

Now let it air dry for 24 hours or more in a quiet area.

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After finishing the coloring and drying task, seal the color using a sealing agent. I applied mode podge. You may use other ones.

I prefer mod podge because it produces a rapid and excellent outcome.

seal the clay cat fat cat paper clip bookmark

Evenly apply the mode podge all over your clay bookmark with a brush or your finger. Let it dry for another 1-2 hours.

Sealing is a good step to keep your clay craft safe from chipping and deterioration. Furthermore, it fosters and beautifies the project.


Finally, use a strong adhesive to glue one paperclip on the back side of the cat’s face and leave the animal for at least 48 hours to dry.

clay fat cat paperclip bookmark

I suggest using E6000 Craft Adhesive to ensure that the paper clip does not fall out of the clay fat cat. It is incredibly strong but overly hazardous, so please use it according to it’s packet’s instructions. I used it when there were no kids around because safety is top priority!

Alternatively, you can use mod podge, a hot glue gun, or any other strong tried and tested adhesive.

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Once dried out, your cute clay fat cat paper clip bookmark is ready to join your child’s bedtime stories.

DIy clay fat cat paperclip bookmark

This adorable DIY clay cat craft not only adds cuteness and a woodland feel to your child’s space, but it can also be repurposed in several ways, such as sticking a magnet to make it a fridge magnet or pasting a soft board pin to make it a part of your child’s vision board.

You may even make a hole in it during shaping process, and insert a ribbon to make a crazy pendant for your children.

So the sky is the limit and you can choose your imagination to make your favorite orange clay fat cat paper clip bookmark craft.

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Overall, I think it turned out really cute, and I enjoy projects designed specifically for children.

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Due to the fact that physical books are far from extinct, bookmarks remain important. I hope you’ll add some sparkle to your place as well!

clay fat cat paperclip bookmark

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