DIY drink stirrer

DIY Clay Heart Drink Stirrer

This clay heart drink stirrer is certainly one of my favorite DIY projects! They are really simple to make.

Little details like drink stirrers elevate party décor to the next level.

I am sure, this adorable little pink cutie could make any wedding or Valentine’s Day party more romantic and joyful. It’s as though your glass has an emotion tied to it! So let’s get started!

How to Make an Air-Dry Clay Heart Drink Stir Stick

These drink stirrers are sure to be loved by everyone whether you make them for a special day, or just a fun party with your pals!

Follow along below for instructions on how to make your own party-time drink stir sticks with just a few basic supplies!

DIY drink stir sticks

What you need:


To create an air-dry clay heart drink stirrer, take a lemon-sized chunk of air-dry clay and make a small and smooth dough ball.

It’s important to ensure that the dough ball is free of any cracks and has a smooth surface.

Now roll out the ball to make a small and thin flat round. Do not roll a thick flat since the end product may be too heavy to be attached in the glass due to its weight.

DIY clay heart

Place the heart mold on top of it and press it firmly and take out the clay heart carefully.


Grab the key pendant and stamp it firmly onto the heart right away.

Then carefully remove it with a clay tool or an utility knife so that the impression will not be ruined.

DIY heart drink stir stick

You can also experiment with your stamps. Don’t make imprinted keys like I did. You might stamp any miniature you choose, such as a cloud, rainbow, star, or a flower. Those would be awesome as well!

Yes… you might find them in your jewelry box or your child’s treasure box ;). Let’s activate your spy mode:D

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Next, find a wood skewer and place its sharpened end into the the bottom of the clay heart as shown in the image.

DIY heart drink stirrer

Allow the clay craft air dry completely for at least 48 hours.


After drying, add a pinch of red into some white acrylic paint and color the clay heart on both sides thoroughly.

DIY drink stirrer

Do the double coat for great results. You could choose pink tints such as hot pink, baby pink, or any other hue of your choice.

Let it dry for 1-2 hours.

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After the pink project, paint the key stamp with metallic gold carefully. Finish it with the red color overlay as shown in the image and keep it aside to dry for another 1-2 hours.

DIY cocktail drink stirrer

And Voila – A Clay Heart Cocktail Stirrer! What are you going to drink now that you have that beautiful stick?

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A pink color scheme makes things more romantic and lively. However you may mix and match your colors to create the best party stir sticks and make your summer, holidays, or beach party a hit!

DIY clay heart drink stirrer

Furthermore, simply shorten the wood skewers and enjoy the adorable smaller forms on cupcakes or as a cake topper to admire the finest party atmosphere ever.

DIY Drink stir stick

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Video Tutorial on DIY Clay Heart Drink Stirrer

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DIY drink stirrer

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