DIY octopus hair clips with onion printing


I am totally spilling over these bronzy octopus kid’s hair clips as you can see these are insanely cute with some impressions!! And I think every little girl should embrace them. I put together an octopus and few onion impressions to give a sheer charm.

Transform your old and boring hair clips into cute and lovely DIY sea animal hair clips having vegetable printing with this quick and super simple hair accessories craft idea.

Let’s design these adorable kid’s hair clips especially for your younger girls to complete a peppy party look.

Video Tutorial On DIY Hair Clips With Onion Impressions

This is my video tutorial on this DIY project. Watch more DIY stuff on my Youtube channel. If you are not contented with this slide, please follow the below super simple steps.

What Do You Need

 onion impressions


First of all, we will do some onion impressions or printing. For this task, take some acrylic color on a plate.

I took the bronze color. You can choose as per your wish. Don’t mix water in it.

Now take a medium-size onion and cut it into two half pieces horizontally.

Octopus hair clips with onion hair clips


Now fetch one cut piece of the onion. Color its cut-part completely with the help of a brush. Take an A-4 size felt sheet.

I rushed for white as bronze looks at its best on white. You can love any color according to your choice. Turn Your Kid’s Toy Into Cute Finger Ring Using This DIY Post. I am sure you will love it.

onion impressions


After painting the half onion, stamp it on the felt sheet immediately. As it may dry faster because no water is used.

Press it with your palm and pick it up. Again do the same as given in the above image.

One layer of color gives three to four stamps. If you find a dry stamp, then color the onion layer again.

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onion impressions
onion impressions for hair clips


Do the same process all over the sheet. It will look like the above image. Let it dry. Have a look at 3-in-1 DIY Fashion Accessory Idea post if you are interested in more DIY stuff.

Octopus hair clips


Draw an octopus of 12 cm size on scrap paper and cut it out. You can keep the size of your wish.

octopus  with onion printing


In continuation, trace it on the felt sheet and cut it carefully.

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 onion printing


We are making a pair of hair clips, so we need two cut-outs.

For the second one, trace the octopus on the backside of the felt sheet to give a similar look to the design. Cut it out, and now we have two octopuses.

octopus hair clips


So…now the ‘expressions time’. I mean to give a face to our aquatic creature.

In this process, paste two googly eyes with the fabric glue. After that, cut a red felt sheet for lips and a black felt sheet for eyebrows and paste them.

You can use other materials too for this step, like foam sheets or plastic sheets.

octopus hair clips with onion impressions


For its bow tie, paste a thin white ribbon around its neck. Make a blue felt sheet bow like the above image and glue it on the ribbon.

Stick a bead or pearl or whatever you have to decorate its bow. Let it dry for a while. If you are a stationery lover like me, then find out your missing gem in Amazing Stationery List.

octopus hair clips


Let’s do the finishing step. Apply some fevi kwik on the backside of the design and paste the clip firmly.

Do a similar task with another clip of the pair as well.

You can use E6000, clear glue, or any metal glue for pasting the clips to the octopus.

(I would not prescribe a hot glue gun, as it is not durable for this DIY. Generally, it doesn’t stay for long, and not environment-friendly as well. This is totally my opinion. You can go with it if it works for you).

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DIY octopus hair clips with onion impressions

Yup, that’s it… simple and adorable!!! Here are your cute octopus hair clips with onion impressions.

They can be made in any color, any animal, or shape. Wear a single or two, can make it on a hairband too. Pocket friendly, and of course sweet precious handmade gifts for your loved ones.

DIY octopus hair clips with onion impressions

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