glitter star ornament with paper tassel for christmas


A glitter star attached to a colorful crepe paper tassel makes an eye-catching ornament for your tree this Christmas.

Handmade decorations bring a satisfying feeling of creating your own imagination.

This quick craft just needs cut and glue practice to fill out your December holidays with sparkles and brightness.

Starting with the glitter craft sheet, let’s make a beautiful ornament to hang on your holy tree or align with your mantelpiece. Click here for beautiful wall hanging with mandala art on cardboard tube.

Video Tutorial: How to Make Glitter Star Ornament with Paper Tassel

Easy Instructions for Glitter Star Ornament with Paper Tassel

What Do You Need


 star ornament

First, make a star stencil (size around 18 cm) out of scrap paper. Take an A4 golden glitter sheet and draw two stars at the backside of the sheet with the help of this stencil and cut them firmly. You can use these self adhesive glitter sheets too.

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 crepe paper tassel/ pom-pom

Keep the stars aside and fetch one colorful crepe paper (size around 25×25 cm).

Fold this paper three times in the same direction, like the above image. You can watch this video tutorial for clear steps.

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crepe paper tassel/ pom-pom

Fold it and stick a very small tape at the center to join the edge with layers.

Now fold this from the center to make it double-layered.

Pick the scissors and cut few thin strips, like the above image. Do not cut the paper till the edge.

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crepe paper tassel craft/ pom-pom craft

After cutting some thin strips, unfold it. Now roll it and stick a small tape on the center. You will find your tassel ready.

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glitter star ornament craft for Christmas

For the final touch, apply some glue at the backside on the inner edge of the star.

Double a ribbon and paste it there.

Now apply some glue on the just opposite outer edge of the star. Paste the tassel here and press it firmly.

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glitter star hanging with paper tassel

After fixing the tassel, apply some more glue all over this star and at the backside of the other star as well.

Paste the stars together from the backside, make sure to lining up the notches.

You can keep something heavy object to stick them well and leave it for 2-3 hours.

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glitter star ornament craft with paper tassel for Christmas

Your Glitter Star Ornament with Paper Tassel is ready to bloom your festive season.

This craft project can also be used as wall hanging or ceiling hanging to celebrate your birthday parties, baby showers, classroom decor, and school projects as well.

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glitter star ornament with paper tassel for christmas
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