how to add length to a short skirt with old jeans

There is no second thought, that jeans are one of the most craved attire of every girl’s closet, and I am sure, that all of you have at least one or two pairs of jeans that became old and feel like not to wear but yet it is your dearest.

Moreover, the thought of throwing your old but favorite jeans makes you sad, and I too hate to throw my old lovely denim.

Therefore, I used my old jeans to add length to my daughter’s denim skirt, since she became taller and her skirt got shorter.

And by the same token we both were not ready to discard her favorite denim skirt :).

All the way here I am showing the same DIY idea that you can follow and repurpose your old jeans and turn your old skirt into a new and funky one;).

Video Tutorial On How To Increase The Length Of A Short Skirt With Old Jeans

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To begin with your old jeans, mark 6″x6″ square at the bottom of your jeans, and cut eight square pieces of the same size.

Now you have eight equal pieces with you, just do thread pulling on all four edges of every piece. Thread pulling is a very easy task and gives a messy and funky look to the hemline.


You need to pull the threads from the edges of cloth with fingers or you can use thread tweezers too but I did it with my fingers only.

Whatever the length you want to keep, you need to pull that many threads. In this tutorial, I kept my loose ends around a half-centimeter.

The faces opposite each other edges would be similar. Do the same with the remaining seven parts.

how to incease length of a shorter skirt with old jeans


Yes… you guessed it right, It’s coloring time now. Paint some beautiful motifs of your choice with fabric colors.

Here’s the main catch…paint on the darker side of four pieces only and paint on the lighter side of the remaining four pieces (backside of cloth).



With the help of any fabric glue, do sprinkle some sequins to give it shimmer and shiner look, as it enhances your canvas.

Color all the pieces in the same manner and do some paint on the skirt too. Let them dry for one to two hours.

We do not need to keep it for long as we can dry it later when the task will be fully completed.


After drying, turn the skirt from the inside out and paste the pieces in reverse.

Now, this is important…paste one dark-toned piece to the center of the front panel of the skirt and then the second piece to the center of the back panel of the skirt.

When it gets dry, paste one dark-toned piece on the left side, and one dark piece to the right side of the skirt (these all are dark-toned pieces).

Paste the remaining four light-toned pieces in between every two dark pieces.

you can paste them with fabric glue or you can sew them as well. I prefer stitching so after gluing, I stitched it to make it sturdy.



how to lengthen a short skirt with old jeans

Let it dry for a few hours, and after that just turn the skirt from inside out firmly.

And…tan…tana… your new and ameliorated skirt is ready to wear :). I did it for my daughter and she was very happy and flaunting her dress repeatedly;).

I hope you will like my DIY idea with old jeans. If yes, please share my post on social media and give your love in the comment box below. I will be there again with more lovely DIY ideas.

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