zentangle art with leaf printing

Zentangle Art and Leaf Printing

Any form of scribbling art, whether it is mandala art, doodling, or zentngle art relaxes us from our undesired stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, when we add some certain natural elements to this art, it transforms into such an alleviating and soothing creation. Yes… I explored zentangle art letters with some leaf printing, and it turned out so fantastic.

A structured bunch of tangles such as a few lines, dots, curves, circles, and s curves is called zentangle art. This is an easy-to-draw, pleasant, and fun way to design beautiful visuals with some focus and mindfulness.

The difficulty level of zentangle patterns goes way beyond, but I prefer the simple patterns because they provide a more satisfying and contemplative experience!

How to Make Zentangle Art with Leaf Printing

You can do experiments with different variations of the same patterns on various bases such as canvas paper, wood, digital, handmade sheet, or any craft project. I played with canvas this time.

What you need:


I began with a blank canvas and some fresh leaves. I collected different kinds and sizes of leaves.

First, I traced my letters with a dark pencil to fix the perfect location for my tangles. Then painted the back of the leaf with acrylic colors some acrylic paint and stamped it on the canvas. You can use any type of paint you choose.

 leaf impressions


I used different colors for the printing to make it more colorful and vibrant. I simply placed leaf prints on the top and the bottom of the canvas.

 leaf printing on canvas


I also coated all the edges with leaf impressions to give it a raw touch. I set it aside to dry completely when I finished coloring it. After doing the coloring part, I kept it aside to dry completely.

I kept it for around 24 hours since I didn’t want to risk spoiling my work because the following step was to write on the painted surface.

zentangle art with leaf textures


Next, I designed my zentangle letters and started drawing.

If you are new to zentangle art, starting with easy patterns is a terrific way to get familiar with this art form.

zentangle art with leaf printing


However, I found some challenges scribbling the pen on painted canvas, but I succeeded with the help of my soft brush pen and I drew numerous circles, semi-circles, zig-zags, dots, leaves, flowers, lines, checks and curves, and so on…

zentangle doodling with leaf impressions

Easy geometrical design with a compass


The joy is to mix and match, thin and thick, twist and turn, and play with the proportions.

After completing my patterns, I started darkening the outlines of the letters to enhance my zentangle patterns.

Simple Zen Patterns on Graph Paper

zentangle art with leaf prints

I picked black and white patterns, but you can draft with colorful pens, pencils, or markers as well.

Cool free printable coloring pages for adults

zentangle alphabet with leaf impressions

Trust me… zentangle art is an outstanding technique to relieve mental stress and anxiety. It’s so soothing and the perfect synonym for meditation.

DIY wall hanging with beautiful mandala on a cardboard roll

Video on Zentangle Letters with Leaf Impressions

Here are some free printable coloring pages for kids having a geometrical theme

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