Super Easy DIY Clay Candy Dish | Clay Bowl

Add some DIY clay candy dishes to your living room decor to take it to the next level. Aside from keeping your sweets in place, It’s fun to set up a few of them on a shelf or on the tabletop for display.

This little clay candy dish or bowl is ideal for holding candy and small jewelry. These dishes are a perfect replacement for synthetic candy dishes. What I like most about this clay dish is all of its crafty flaws and oddness that give it such simplicity and grace.

The best part is that you can do this super easy DIY activity with your kids while spending valuable time together.

How to Make A Clay Candy Dish

This simple and fun clay dish craft may be used as a lovely and functional party décor piece for your children’s birthday celebrations as well as a part of your dressing space.

With just a few basic supplies, we can get started on this exciting clay dish craft project!

What you need:


Before we start, please keep in mind that these dishes and bowls are not food-safe, so do not eat from them. They are solely to be used for decoration. Candies/chocolates can be stored as long as they are wrapped in a paper.

To create a super easy clay candy dish, take a small chunk of air-dry clay in your hands and knead it well to form a smooth and fine dough ball.

According to the size of my ceramic bowl, which was about 4″ in diameter I took a bit more than a lemon. If you wish to make a larger dish, grab a larger chunk.

clay craft

It’s important to ensure that the dough ball is free of any cracks and has an even surface.

Any remaining clay should be stored in an airtight container.

Roll your clay into a flat round disc about 3-5 mm thick. If you roll any thicker will take longer to dry.

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If you want precise work, use the same ceramic bowl to cut out the accurate circle. Simply place the bowl upside down on your clay circle and press it, then carefully lift the bowl and remove the required clay circle.

But I wanted to keep my clay dish raw and unpolished, so I just rolled it approximately 3 or 4 inches in diameter.

Now sprinkle some glitter sequins evenly across the surface of the clay piece.


Then, firmly press these glittered numbers sequins down onto the clay surface using your rolling pin or a curved and smooth tool.

I chose these sequins, but feel free to add your own twist by choosing other little embellishments such as seed beads or sparkles.


After completing the sequins work, firmly flip the clay circle upside down.

Find your stamp ( I used my daughter’s toy ring because it had a nice emboss and imprinted very well) and be ready for the stamping fun.


You could leave an imprint with anything textured, such as a fresh leaf, the bottom of an antique vase, any crochet project, or even an old broken jewelry or accessory, like I did with this embossed clay heart.

Additionally, you could arrange these wooden stamps as well. They are a good option and go very well in different ways.

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Follow the steps and press the stamp firmly onto the clay. Repeat until you have covered the clay with your imprinted design completely.

Give a twist to your impression art by using your own stamps and create your decorative art pieces.


Smooth the edges with wet fingers if necessary.


Next, pick your clay circle carefully and place it inside your bowl. Gently press the clay into the bowl with your thumbs.


When you place your clay inside the bowl, your clay will form some curves on its edges which is just what I wanted in my clay dish to make it raw and rustic. Leave the curves untouched.

To give your clay dish a proper base, apply uniform and very mild pressure around the ceramic bowl. Do not force the curves, otherwise, you will lose these beautiful turns and ruin the clay pattern.

Place your clay craft in a quiet spot and allow it to air dry for at least 48 hours. If you created a thicker one, allow it to dry for 72 hours.


The clay will transform from pale grey to white as it dries, and it gradually starts leaving the surface of the ceramic bowl and comes out effortlessly.

When your clay dish is dry, remove it from the ceramic bowl carefully.


If necessary, use sand paper to smooth off any rough edges. As you are aware, I did not follow this step… I desired a ‘raw appearance’ clay dish for me.

When I was taking out the clay dish, few sequins fell out. It’s perfectly fine, and you can reattach them using normal school glue or Mod Podge, or leave them alone like I did.


Now comes my favorite part: coloring! To attain the appropriate glow, color edges of the clay dish twice with your chosen acrylic paint. This time, I used metallic copper.


Complete the final step and allow the clay dish to dry for another 3-4 hours.

STEP-8 (optional)

Once dry, leave your clay dish raw and rough just like me and your super easy DIY candy clay dish is ready to join your kid’s shelf space as a companion to its candies, or set this clay bowl for stacking up your rings on your jewelry corner.

Optionally, you could seal it with a layer of varnish. Sealing your clay craft protects it from chipping and degradation. Furthermore, it enhances the project.


In my previous crafts I used and had good results with the Mod Podge Sealer. For its applying method you may check my this post.

Simply apply the sealer using a brush all over your clay dish and let it dry for 24 hours or more. After that, you can put it to use.

Please keep in mind that sealing your air dry-clay will not make it food-safe or water-proof. These dishes are strictly for decoration.


I hope you have enjoy trying out this activity with your kids as it is easy enough for children of all ages to construct.


Making some DIY clay crafts that we can use to jazz up our place with a pinch of the “yes… I did it” sensation adds another degree of joy.

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