simple Zen pattern

Simple Zen Patterns| Doodles on Graph Paper

Zen patterns or doodles are the systematic collection of some simple tangles such as a few lines, dots, curves, circles, and s curves.

With some little effort and mindfulness, this is an easy-to-draw, pleasant, and fun technique to develop amazing visuals.

Why Did I Pick Graph Paper?

Drawing simple zen patterns| doodles on graph paper is a wonderful suggestion for new learners because it makes the initial difficulty of precise proportions and shapes a little easier.

It is also beneficial when applying geometrical designs.

In addition, extremely simple and straightforward patterns perform really well on graph paper. There is no limit after you have mastered.

simple Zen patterns| doodles on graph paper
Simple Zen Patterns| Doodles

Zentangle patterns range in ability from easy to difficult, but I chose basic simple zen patterns and doodles since they create a more fulfilling and thoughtful experience!

Your zen pattern could be as basic as mine.

I began by creating the designs with my black soft brush pen. Finally, It was all finished with a few curves.

simple zen patterns| doodles on graph paper

I chose some geometrical forms and designs that I liked and basically doodled.

Easy geometrical design with a compass

For crafters who already have scissors or tapes and are searching for a completely stress-free activity – but aren’t a fan of adult coloring pages – this could be the perfect solution!

simple Zen patterns/ doodles

These are some Zentangles I’ve made;

There is no up or down, they are black and white with some strokes, they use named tangle patterns.

Most importantly, they were made consciously, with goal, and with a concentration on the process.

DIY wall hanging with beautiful mandala on a cardboard roll

Why Do I Do Zen doodling?

Doodling has been shown in checks to improve your ability to pay attention to what is going on around you.

Indeed, it could help your mind focus even if everyone else thinks you’re not paying attention in class or at a workshop.

Cool free printable coloring pages for adults

While there might be a scientific reason to doodle, many people create doodle art because they enjoy drawing but don’t want to devote too much time to it.

Video Tutorial

So… this time I tried few simple zen patterns| doodles on graph paper and the result was awesome. The appealing aspects of Zen-Doodle Art is that it is enjoyable and soothing.

That pattern/doodle may be as large or as detailed as you like, and that it can be finished at any point you choose. Undoubtedly, It is a rapid type of art with repeating motifs which develop harmony.

Here are some free printable coloring pages for kids having a geometrical theme

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