Diy clay craft for kids

DIY Glittery Coaster with Air Dry Clay

Although I enjoy creating zen doodles, I also love a simple and fast clay craft project that allows me to express my creativity without creating a messy workspace for an extended period of time. Making a clay tea coaster is a great DIY option that can be completed quickly.

For today’s craft, you won’t need to have any particular drawing or art skills. Simply get some air dry clay and glitter to create a DIY clay coaster.

The best part is that you can make this super easy craft with your kids and enjoy some quality time together.

How to Make a Clay Coaster

This simple and fun clay coaster craft can make a beautiful and useful desk accessory for your kids.

With just a few basic supplies, we can get started on this exciting clay craft project!

What you need:


To create a shiny golden clay coaster, we will begin by using air dry clay.

It is good to have a sufficient amount of clay, so start by taking out a large piece and dividing it into 6-7 smaller parts.

air dry clay craft

For the shiny dough, add a generous amount of gold dust or powder to each piece of clay to get the desired shimmer.

Then, stack these small chunks of air dry clay in your hand and mix the dust evenly. Knead the clay well to form a smooth and fine dough ball.

It’s important to ensure that the dough ball is free of any cracks and has a smooth surface.


A moment later, roll out the clay to form a flat round disc.

clay craft

Cut out a precise circle using a lid or cover that is approximately 3 or 4 inches in diameter. It’s best to use a lid with sharp edges for a great result.

Cool free printable coloring pages for adults


Now sprinkle some glass seed beads evenly across the surface of the clay piece.

Then, firmly press these beads down onto the clay surface with your rolling pin or with a curved and smooth tool.

For example, I used the backside of my paper quilling tool.

diy clay coaster

I chose 2mm glass seed beads, but feel free to add your own twist by incorporating other small embellishments like sequins or sparkles.

Just be sure not to use oversized beads, as they won’t serve the purpose of the coaster effectively.


After finishing the embellishments, place your ‘almost done’ clay coaster in an undisturbed area and let it air-dry completely for at least 48 hours.

Simple Zen Patterns on Graph Paper


Now it’s time for my favorite step – coloring! Color the edges of the coaster twice with gold acrylic paint to achieve the desired luminance.

coaster coloring

Easy geometrical design with a compass


Complete the final step and allow the coaster to dry for another 3-4 hours.

Once dry, your beautiful golden glittery coaster is now ready to join your craft desk as a companion to your coffee mug.

DIY clay coaster

Not only does this beautiful DIY clay coaster craft add shine and elegance to any setting, but it is easy enough for children of all ages to construct.

easy clay tea coaster

Additionally, making some DIY clay crafts that we can use to jazz up our place with a pinch of the “yes… I did it” sensation adds another degree of joy.

Video Tutorial on DIY Clay Coaster Craft

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air dry clay coaster

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