easy nail art with household tools

DIY Easy Nail Art With Household Tools

Having some ‘Tints & Shades’ on your nails feel out of the world. Nail art is becoming a more divergent and boundless field. Applying a cool design on nails is one of my must “To Do- List” with my friends and cousins.

Here I am sharing some of my favorite DIY nail designs, that I and my niece created with few household tools only and of course, with some nail colors as well.

I hope they would inspire you to innovate more ideas but always take care of your nails as they say a lot about your health.

Take care of your beautiful nails

  • Always keep your nails moisturized.
  • Never use cheap or expired nail colors.
  • Do not try too many tools to do experiments with your pinky-ones.
  • Consider wearing gloves while doing the dishes or gardening or other wet work.
  • Take your nails a periodical break from nail colors as it’s good for their respiration system.
  • And last but not the least please….please…please do not chew your nails as nature has already provided real food to us so do not make your nails your time pass or your stress buster food.

Let’s start with our few creations, which we tried at home with household tools only.

abstract design

It is an abstract design created with paint-brush and toothpick. First, we drew black lines with sharpen side of toothpick.

easy nail art with house hold tools

And then, filled different shades with the help of zero number paint-brush. Then left it to dry.

After drying we applied the single coat of transparent nail-paint as it gives a finishing and glossy look to the design.

Orange Touch-up

This one gives a feeling of coolness in the hot summer. I took a synthetic sponge as it has more pores.

A synthetic sponge is easily available at home. you can find it as a dish washer sponge or car cleaning sponge or in any jewelry box.

easy nail art with house hold tools

So first, we applied masking tape around that part of the nail which we did not want to color.

Then just applied orange and yellow color on sponge together and patted the sponge on the tip of the nail (the grown-one part) carefully.

After drying, we peeled off the tape. Then I made some small flowers with the help of the backside of a needle. I put a dot and dragged it a bit and it looked like a petal of the flower. After drying the color, I applied the transparent nail-paint for finesse.


my memes

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bright stripes

These stripes are very easy to make. You just need a paint-brush ( zero number ). Try different colors stripes on your nails with the help of a brush. Let it dry and for a heart just put a dot of the color and make a shape of heart with the sharpened side of the toothpick.

easy nail art with house hold tools

Apply a transparent layer to give a final touch and your beauty is ready to flaunt. Pampering yourself is a kind of happiness and keeping yourself happy is equally important as keeping others.

I lately read a review on this book Japanese secrets to a long and happy life and found this book a must-read. Do it a click and credit me later.

Mandala on nails

This one is my beloved one. My niece did a tremendous job and I am glad to share her creation.

This is so beautiful and looks like an ethnic piece. You just need to have a tool like a toothpick or a sewing needle.

easy nail art with house hold tools

Make this with sharpened part of the tool or if you want thick dots then do with the back part of the tool. After a while apply a single coat of transparent nail paint.

Nail art is incomplete without some exquisite finger accessories which magnify your beauty of manicure. Do read my post 6 DIY IDEAS TO TURN YOUR OLD RING INTO NEW ONE if that is something which appeals you.

tribal texture

It puts a tribal texture with a twist of pastel shades. First of all, we applied any glue like fevicol, to the skin around the nail.

We used a thick sponge (not the face sponge), and put three colors (we chose yellow, pink and ocean blue ) all together on the sponge, and patted the sponge on the nail.

easy nail art with house hold tools

Let it dry for a while and after that, peeled the glue from the skin. Then gave a single layer of transparent color.

Let it dry, and designed some black polka dots on it, again let it dry and gave a final layer of transparent nail paint. This design strikes the perfect balance between a soft mood and a tough look.


blue glitter french tip

You can not forget the sparkle of a sunshine day and this glittery design says just that.This DIY took just a few minutes.

easy nail art with house hold tools

You need a sparkle nail-paint, and apply it on the front part of the nails, and then apply a transparent layer.

Do not wait for drying this transparent layer and put some stones on it and then let it dry. After that, apply one more layer of transparent nail color to give some shiny vibes.

I hope these patterns are a treat to your eyes. So keep creating and enhancing your ideas with more versatility. I will be back with some more manicures soon. Keep sharing my post on social media if you love it. Explore some Home Decor DIY Ideas.

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