DIY white cement fridge magnets

DIY Cement Refrigerator magnets

Cement is not only used to build a house, but it can also be used to build ” projects for the house”. There are multiple ideas for home decor using cement.

Fridge magnets are one of them and it is a peppery trend in air. The below project tutorial will guide you on how to make easy, cute, and charming cement fridge magnets at your home only. So let’s begin with this concrete magnet DIY fun.

How To Make Concrete Fridge Magnets

DIY white cement fridge magnets

Steal Your Kid’s ToyπŸ™‚

To get started right away to design your fridge magnets, you need a mold first. Do not worry! You do not need to buy any special or expensive mold.

Just look around your house…your kitchen….you definitely will get any household tool that you can use for it.

DIY cement fridge magnets

Make sure that it is made of plastic or silicon as these material are perfect for molding.

For example, I used one of my kid’s broken toys (above image). it’s a ruptured cupboard part of my kid’s pretend kitchen set ; ) and yes…I stole it πŸ€—. So… I am sure you must have stolen something by now.


Mix The Cement

First of all, wear a dust mask as you may inhale dust particles while stirring cement. Mix three- part cement with one part of the water in a plastic bowl.

DIY white cement fridge magnets

Mix till it gets a pancake batter consistency (or how much thick you want your magnet to be). You can remove your mask now.

Then apply some oil in mold with the help of a brush as shown in the above image.


Pour The Mixture

Now pour a small amount of cement mix into your selected mold. Do not fill to the rim.

Shake mold slightly to remove bubbles and spread the cement evenly in the mold cavity.

DIY cement fridge magnets

Keep aside on a flat surface, and let dry and wait for 24 hours. (or following the direction on the cement package). But I wanted to make it solid so kept it for 48 hours.

Pop Out The Concrete

Once it gets dry, pop out your cement magnet from the mold carefully. Please do not slam it. The magnet should come out very easily.

DIY white cement fridge magnets

Rub it with a soft cotton cloth to smooth down any rough edges if required or else leave it as is.

Glue The Magnets

After this process, just turn it back and paste two magnets with Mod podge or any other strong glue like E 6000.

DIY white cement fridge magnets

You can use a hot glue gun as well but sometimes the heat can damage its magnetic field. So do it precisely. Then let it dry for 15-20 minutes.

Painting Time

Now it’s painting time! Be as creative as you love with acrylic colors. I just painted the base of the magnet with three number paint-brush.

DIY white cement fridge magnets

You may need to paint two or three coats to get a solid look. Then write some quotes with the help of zero number paint-brush.

You can attempt something floral or geometric and customize it as you crave.

Flaunt Your Handcrafted Fridge Magnet

Hurrays!!! You are all done! Stick them on your fridge and flaunt your handcrafted creative cement refrigerator magnets.

DIY white cement fridge magnets

I hope you found my DIY idea useful and I will come back with more fun- loving cement DIYs and fridge magnets projects soon. Please share my post if you liked it. For more fun-learning DIYs and crafts please visit my You Tube channel.

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