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Fall in love with “bath & body works” body creams

Women have always been crazy about fragrances, and if it is in the form of body cream then it is like icing on the cake for them. So if you are finding this type of cake, then definitely your are on the right page.

let’s fall in love with ‘bath & body works’ body creams

Here I am going to tell you about Bath & Body Works body cream which I have used since while and curious to share my experience and how I have fallen in love with ‘bath and body works’ body creams.

How Did I find these body creams

It is not a promotional post, rather this brand would not even know that I am writing something about their product.

Actually, my sister grabbed ‘Bath & Body Works’ body cream from USA for me a while back and asked me to try once. So… I started using it, and the result is…By now I have tried many body creams of their collection and eager to share my experience with you all.

these body creams belong to

However, it is not easy to write about something that has ‘smell’ as a top feature. Bath And Body Works is the most popular brand in America and comes in a best selling fragrance list over there and gradually getting fame in India too.

about bath & body works body creams

I love ‘Bath & Body Works’ body cream as it pampers your skin and at the same time its perfume is a bonus on it. when I apply it on my hands and legs, my room fills with its mesmerizing aroma.

It keeps my skin soft and moisturized and the plus point is no need to use any perfume as well. The fragrances of these creams are magical and make me ‘feel good’. Here I am explaining some of my tried ones.


‘bath & body works’ In the stars body cream

The packaging undoubtedly represents itself. The scent you smell like, you are glowing. This cream is slightly off-white in color and with a thick consistency.

When I apply this cream, it easily absorbs into my skin and leaves my skin soft, and smooth. It is just Sparkling, cozy, and leaves your body ‘feeling happy’.

 fall in love with bath & body works  body creams
Photo credit: Meenu

It contains Starflower, Sandalwood, Musk, White Agarwood. Infused with rich shea butter, and it smells like pure sandalwood. It is a non-greasy formula that stays into the skin for all day.

It is my favorite body cream and highly recommended. Whenever I apply it, everybody pays attention and asks me about the fragrance.

‘bath & body works’ Japanese cherry blossom body cream

It is always a must-have for me. This cream is in off-white tint. An easily absorbed cream and non-sticky. This one does control your skin to sweat, which is very beneficial for me in summer. It goes smooth on my skin.

fall in love with bath & body works  body cream
Photo credit: Meenu

Japanese Cherry Blossom keeps my skin moisturized, as it has a combination of Shea Butter, Soothing Aloe Butter, Crisp Pears, Mimosa Petals, and sandalwood.

I feel it has a perfume of mixed flowers and whole day lives around you. This cream saved my rough elbows and dried knees. This one is a classic pick. Keep your nails beautiful, as you keep your hands beautiful, and for this give a shot to my NAIL ART post.

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‘bath & body works’ cashmere glow body cream

The Bath and Body Works Cashmere Glow cream is a little bit to pastel yellow in color. This one is perfect for my winter scratchy skin. It melts into my skin like butter and maintains my skin moisture all day long.

fall in love with bath & body works body creams
Photo Credit: Meenu

It contains Gold Peach, Lily Petals, Vanilla, and Cashmere musk. That is why its fragrance like a mixture of fruity and floral earth. I am glad! that I have purchased it.

This scent remains the same for hours and I always get compliments on how wonderful I smell. A must-try product.

‘bath & body works’ mad about you body cream

Ahhh…my all-time favorite! Love, love, love this fragrance. It smells like Peony and Roses with Vanilla… and… Oh… sorry! getting overexcited:).

This cream is white in color and consistency is thick. An only a small amount is enough to get your skin hydrated.

fall in love with bath & body works body creams
Photo credit: Meenu

It has Black Current, musk, and enriched with skin-soothing Aloe butter and cocoa butter. So it has a scent of mixed flowers and a bit fruity.

Their packaging is so attractive, that anyone can feel the smell while reading its ingredients. No sticky patches and luxurious feeling to the skin.

The fragrance of Mad About You is just magical and romantic and lasts on my skin. My husband and my kid always praise me…or should I say.. praise this fragrance and the body cream whenever I apply it.

‘bath & body works’ rose body cream

OK, first of all, I did not like the rose scent at all, but my sis said, ‘No, trust me and give it a try’. I just smelled it reluctantly and to my surprise, it smelled awesome.

fall in love with bath & body works body creams
Photo Credit: Meenu

As its name says, it is a floral perfumed cream and contains Airy Rose Water blended with Jasmine petals and musk.

This cream is white in color and very soft to my body. It vanishes into my skin in seconds. It maintains your skin oil and the smell stays all day. It smells like pure rose flowers. When I put it on, I feel like girly and absolutely lovely!

fall in love with bath & body works body creams
Photo Credit: Meenu

pros of ‘bath & body works’ body Creams :

  • Smells very refreshing, magical, floral, and fruity.
  • Keeps your skin moisturized all day long.
  • The scent stays on the skin for hours.
  • Good consistency of cream and the only pea-size amount is enough for one hand.
  • Perfect for dry skin.
  • Perfect for dry elbows, and knees.
  • Creams are not tested on animals.
  • Beautiful packaging.
  • They have Combo Options.

cons of ‘bath & body works’ body Creams :

  • .A bit expensive.
  • They have much variety, so sometimes it becomes their con, that which one to choose.
  • Could not be perfect for those who are sensitive towards the smell, as some of their creams have very strong Fragrance.


Bath & Body works is a bit expensive but I would say it is worth the price. They always have offers. Fragrance is a bonus on all these creams. A Very small amount of cream is enough.

And yes… I would purchase them again! All these opinions are my own, infect company would not even know that I am writing about their products.


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  1. This blog is something different. And I second with you…I have used this product twice few years back…it has amazing fragrance. Thanks for sharing the detailed information about the product.

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