mrs deeva a wonderful woman who leads you on right path

MrsDeeva: A Wonderful Woman Who Leads You On The Right Path

In my Inspiring Icons section, today I am writing about a Facebook group named MrsDeeva’s Women Entrepreneurs Community and its founder Astha Jain.

Astha Jain is an inspiration, a mentor, a coach, a friend, a motivator, and much more. She leads women on the right path and making their dreams come true.

All About MrsDeeva’s Women Entrepreneurs Community

MrsDeeva’s Women Entrepreneurs Community is a Facebook group, which has 15000+ members and steered by a wonderful heart called Astha Jain.

Astha Jain is a business coach cum consultant for housewives and stay-at-home mothers who seek for work from home and earn from home ideas all across the world.

She has fourteen years of experience in this field and via this group, she supports the women and makes them self-sufficient on their terms.

Straightaway, a great platform for established entrepreneurs and newbies as well.

Why I Found MrsDeeva’s Women Entrepreneurs Community Useful

I had been searching for a ‘work from home’ carrier as I had to leave my job due to some health issues and then this lockdown spoiled the rest.

I wanted to do something creative and innovative and could not find out my way. One day I saw MrsDeeva’s group advert about a live session on 101 ideas for stay-at-home moms somewhere on Facebook..

Initially, I didn’t believe it but as a needy, I approached and attended Astha’s webinar.

And then it hit me…I found her so humble and down to earth and an ‘expert in her field’ person.

After attending her Facebook webinar, and a personal brainstorming session on WhatsApp (as she is always there to support you at any social media platform), I uncovered my passion…yes …blogging. Although I was blogging since back but just for fun.

Finally it dawned on me that writing can be a carrier as well. On that note, I started working on serious blogging.

The answer? Here I am… and connecting with you.

Thank you, Astha Jain, for being there. Much happy with my work and love blogging so far. Infact she gave a shout-out for me in that group, when I launched my website.

Please disregard my grammar in this image as while I was writing this gesture, my kid was hanging around my neck😋. Moreover, you all are well acquainted with the auto type and an overexcited but salary-less English teacher of WhatsApp😉.

How MrsDeeva’s Women Entrepreneurs Community’s Magnetism Works

Astha Jain is doing an amazing job. I am a member of many Facebook groups like all of you, but I discovered MrsDeeva a highly attentive and an enthusiastic group.

Every day she introduces new challenges, activities, contests, live sessions, and much more.

If someone asks for any query, Astha replies so quickly and within a short span, she untangles their confusion.

MrsDeeva is a great platform for all women who connect and support each other in all possible ways.

Final Point

I am not promoting anyone by the way. I just wanted to bring this inspiring woman to light, so that many of us, who are looking for a real motivator for better carriers and better lives, may take the benefits.

I once asked her, who is the inspiration behind our inspiration?

She replied that she is a big fan of Dr. Brain Weiss books. Especially Same Soul Many Bodies and Many Lives Many Masters.

You can check MrsDeeva’s Women Entrepreneurs Community Facebook Group here.

She is also there on Instagram with a great following.

She runs her YouTube channel named MrsDeeva to guide women all across.


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