Unique stationery items

you haven’t seen this amazing stationery list!

I have always been a stationery lover and die to collect every amazing piece of this list. Unusual stationery gives me offbeat feelings and I enjoy my tasks at the best.

As far as I know, all of you like and use stationery in one form or another. So why not make your work interesting and fun. Hence, on this page, I brief you about some unique and cool stationery tools, which I am also crazy about.

1. Cute Unicorn LED Pens

Pens are useful for all but it can be fun writing if those are cute and have light. It could be a wonderful gift idea for teachers and students as well. My kid loves it and always ready to write with it or should I say…always ready to play with it.

Unicorn LED cute pen

2. Habit Tracker Calendar

If it is not in your list, add a habit tracker calendar. This is a very useful planner for kids to improve their habits. This calendar makes them motivated to improve and disciplined themselves. It is an all year calendar so can be used again and again.

Habit Tracker Motivational Planner

3. Designed And Patterned Sheets

These sheets come in different designs and patterns of different sizes. These papers have rich look and very useful to make origami, customized notebook covers, DIY crafts, and so on… Easy to cut and paste, and give a beautiful theme to your projects.

Pattern Craft Sheets

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4. Sticky Notes/ Tags

If you love to make your diary or notebooks presentable, then definitely these sticky notes are for you . You can use them as reminders, tiny notes, and bookmarks. There are many ways to use these sweet sticky notes. With the help of their designs and colors, you can find which task comes first.

Cute Sticky Notes

5. Washi Tape

Washi tapes are decorative sticky tapes, made from Japanese paper. The quality of these tapes is super cool. These are flexible and come in different designs, patterns, colors, and width. The best part of these tapes is non-stickiness. Washi tapes do not leave marks or residue on the surface if you remove them. Best for craft and DIYs.

Washi Paper Tape Rolls

6. Handcrafted Diary

It’s an amazing feeling when you write on something handmade. This notebook is made of handmade papers and gives a compliment to your study table. Having it on your desk just gives you an authentic and near-to-nature feel. Must have item for nature and DIY lovers.

Handmade Personal Notebook

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Usually, I love to make bookmarks by myself only but these antique bookmarks tempted me. These bookmarks are made of metal and give an ancient feel. If you are a book lover then definitely it is created for you. Antique Book Marks

8. Pastel (Mild) Highlighters

I love pastel colors, so pens too.

Generally, you would find less choice in other highlighters, but these pens come in multiple shades. Colors are vibrant and long-lasting.

Pastel Highlighters

9. Paper Clips

I’m sure you’ve paper clips already but these cute paper clips undoubtedly enhance your folder, file, notebook, lose papers, and so on stuff… Perfectly organize your kid’s book cupboard and motivate them to do the same in a cute way.

Sweet Animal Paper Clips

10. File Folders

I was talking about the files and folders and… here the devil is. Yes… A colorful way to organize your papers and files instead of making that task boring with those lifeless and old folders. Sorting and keeping my files in these cool folders is a treat to me.

School File Folders

11. Refreshing Coloring Book

This is totally a stress buster for me. I just loved it. Lots and lots of coloring with matchless designs. Redefine your creativity and just indulge to this book. With the taste of zen art and a feel of mandala motifs, this book makes you a better thinker.

Zen Refreshing Coloring Book For Adults

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12. Study Planner

Manage your study time effectively with this study planner. Organize your workload and keep yourself at the top of your planned schedule. It comes with non-dated templates, so can be used all the year. All the essentials like exam schedule, half-year goal chart, weekly planner, monthly report, evaluation chart, and check-list are included.

Study Planner For Students

13. Brush Pens

I found it later and it was a pity that why I had not seen these beautiful brush pens before. These brush pens great for water coloring as you do not need water, brush, color palette. Their flexible tips let you paint a flawless design. A very convenient tool for calligraphy and comes in vibrant and beautiful colors.

Awesome Brush Pens

14. Desk Organizer

Simple and sleek desk organizer for every study desk. It keeps your workspace clean and tidy. Keep your daily stationery on the desk with a trendy look and make them handy. Although, Mine sometimes gets very messy😋.

Multi-Purpose Desk Organizer

15. Scented Erasers

I guess this is the favorite stationery item of every kid. These colorful Scented erasers make your writing job interesting and fragrant too. I don’t want to say but it makes my kid’s erasing job interesting and lengthy as well😅.

Colorful Scented Erasers

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16. Book Organizer

Amplify your study desk with this book organizer. This book holder makes valuable space for your important and favorite books. Great for keeping your study material neatly sorted into different apartments. I found it nice for gifting purposes too.

Book Stand / Case / Organizer

17.Electronic Writing Pad With Magnets

I found this small and cute electronic writing pad useful and techie. Actually, I just bought it recently so not sure about its durability and life, but my kid is happy to have it 🤗. Good for doodling and drawing. A paper-saving gadget with required features.

Electronic LED Writing Pad With Magnets

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I Believe that these unique stationery act as a catalyst in your task to make it easier and fun-loving as well. I hope you liked my amazing stationery collection and if you come up with something your amazing tools don’t forget to share it with me. I would love to hear from you and wanna try that one. And if you feel my post useful please share it with your beloved ones.

This post contains affiliate links, This means if you click on these links and buy the products, I may get some benefit at no extra cost to you. I am an independent blogger and the recommendations are based on my own opinions and totally unbiased.

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  1. I just loved the post n would like to add two things to my stationery list …the book organizer n that hand made diary.
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