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inspiring woman Entrepreneur: from scratch to skilled | interview with poonam sharma


inspiring woman

Poonam Sharma, Owner of two well-running schools, is an educator, Principal, Coach, Mentor, and an Inspiring Woman, giving a new meaning to education and its practical approach.

Delhi is her birthplace. Schooling from Air force School, Delhi. Did further studies, graduation, post-graduation from Chandigarh and Dehradun, in the designing field.

And later, decided to open a school. I saw her journey from scratch to skilled.

You must be wondering…how. Okay… so, I have worked with her long back and I have seen her build palaces with straws.

Umm… worked, I wouldn’t say. In fact, I had learnt about my abilities, my inherent qualities, my skills, which I didn’t even know, that all those were in me.

I remember, there was an amazing positiveness in her, She never lost courage.

How many times, I used to think, how would we do any big project with such a small school, with such a small budget, with so few sources? But in her eyes… there was always a spark to win. And it was surprising that every time we used to achieve our goal. Sometimes I think, how much a woman can keep such an optimistic approach towards life.

It’s long past now, I have left that city, but still in her touch. I love seeing her progress. To be honest, I am proud to be with her in her initial struggle and also got to know myself. I always used to say for any new challenge… No Ma’am… we can’t, and she always used to say…No Anjli… we will.

inspiring woman entrepreneur

The woman, who started from a small two-room school, today she is the Director of two well-known( KINDER WORLD & BAL BHARTI SCHOOL) school branches.

She is associated with two NGO’s called Bitiya Foundation and Sharing Happiness. She is also a creator on You-Tube with two popular channels named Being Spiritual-an enlightenment and Teddy Bear- fun way to learn. I know her, there will still be a lot left in her to-do list.

Today, I decided to write about her on my blog, so she too was ready… and now I’m here with a small interview. So…let’s start.

Tell me something about yourself, your background, and your current position?

With utmost delight, I feel enthusiastic to brief my life background. After schooling, I opted for the Arts stream as I had my taste in literature and art. Later, I opted for fashion and textile designing as my carrier after successfully doing the diploma from Chandigarh Polytechnic.

But then, life took a turning point, when I realized that, I will get satisfaction from teaching more than being a fashion designer. So getting inspiration from my father, I preferred to choose the same carrier in which my father excelled.

I am happy and satisfied that I took the right decision. At present, I am running two school branches in Haryana state with more than five hundred students.

Did you ever stop and line up your carrier?

No, I never stopped as I enjoyed every moment, which God blessed me. I want to utilize the opportunity given to me as an educator and a social being. Extremely thankful to god, parents, my colleagues, and students for giving me numerous occasions of beautiful memories.


inspiring woman

Have you faced any challenges along your journey?

There is no human story without challenges. Yes…I also faced lots of hurdles in my professional life. For a female to maintain a balance between family and profession is a big challenge itself.

Right from providing every small bit of needs to all family members to spending hours for your profession and justifying your time for both wasn’t easy.

Another was financial shortcomings, which really broke you from inside, as for any business setup… like its infrastructure, equipment, manpower, and many other things need a handsome amount of money.

For me, all these obstacles realized me, my power, and my determination to continue my sincere efforts with tireless hard work.

What have been your biggest achievements?

In any profession, achievements can be measured both materialistically and spiritually. Other than… name, fame recognition from the society for the educational services.

What really matters to me is a special place in the hearts of my students, parents, and colleagues. Their abundant love, blessings, and warm relations is my greatest possession.


One person, who has been a major factor in your success?

One person, who has been a major factor in my success is, definitely my father. As he taught me about the real ups and downs of life and how the qualities of being courageous and patient, work in all personal and professional untoward situations.

He has always been a source of motivation. I dedicate all my success to the almighty and my father on this earth.

inspiring woman entrepreneur

What do you wish you known at the start of your carrier that you know now?

I thought that education lies in books only, and it is an art of teaching and obtaining desired results from pupils in terms of marks.

But for me today, it’s entirely shaping an individual’s thought process. that’s the way to unlock huge life-skills knowledge through education.

What is your next challenge and where do you see yourself in the next five years?

As my school project still has a lot of pending work, which I want to complete in the next five years. So that’s my priority and also most importantly, giving a new meaning to education and it’s a practical purpose for the future generation, is a project on which I am working now.

One personal… what is in your handbag?

A promise of a bright future for my students, love, blessings, and divinity.

inspiring woman entreprenuer

What suggestion do you have for our new generation of female entrepreneurs?

There is no shortcut to success. The main ingredients for the recipe of professional life are hard work, innovative ideas, constant efforts, and satisfaction for your clients and yourself.

Be passionate about your carrier and never quit. Accept all the challenges as whatever happens, gives you an experience.

If you could do one thing about gender discrimination in our society, what would it be?

Changing the mental thinking of Indian society, that female alone is responsible for the upbringing of kids, and all household chores. Let’s start teaching boys, that they are co-sharer for all household chores and responsibilities.

What are your favorite films/books?

My favorite books are many. So right now… Success is a state of mind by Praveen Verma and another is Success is never ending failure is never final by Robert Schuller, and a novel read long back called Zoya by Danielle Steel.

Books Loved By Poonam Sharma

inspiring woman entrepreneur

Books Loved By Poonam Sharma

In conclusion…a synonym for happiness is…?

Proud that God blessed me with two lovely daughters, and supporting, and understanding husband. Daughters are surely a reason to smile, joy, and superabundant happiness.


Books Loved By Poonam Sharma

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Books Loved By Poonam Sharma

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  1. This is really inspiring. Hats off to each & every women who work hard to chase their dreams and also maintain a balance between family and professional life.

  2. Poonam ,she is a true example of hardwork and determination she ia able to acheive what she is today. A motivator,entrepreneur and the most kind, beautiful person I know.

      1. Today Anjali u wrote a new beginning with a blank page filling up with my wellwishers Blessings.Thanks & lots of wishes for ur bright career.

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