DIY tin pencil holder with glue stick textured paper


On this page, you are going to have double DIY ideas. Yes… one texture painting idea with a glue stick, and one pencil holder craft project with a tin can. Exciting… right!

A pencil/ pen holder craft has always been a favorite craft project for kids. The cherry on the cake is… we made it with a thought of some impressions and textures.

Video Tutorial on Glue Stick texture painting and tin Pencil Holder

Simple Tin Can Pencil Holder with Glue Stick Texture Painting

Texture painting/ impression painting is an all-time ‘let’s do’ for my daughter, whether those are lady finger textures, onion textures, bottle cap textures, or thread pulling textures.

And this time we made a textured paper with a very underrated stationary item called glue stick 😛. Let’s find out how…?

What Do You Need:

 tin can craft

Let’s craft an upcycled tin can pencil holder with some glue stick textures on it. First, find a tin can and remove its lid and clean it.

Take an A-4 sheet and cut it just enough to wrap it around the tin can.

glue stick texture painting

This step needs to be taken a little faster.

First, take one glue stick and apply some glue on a very small area of the paper. Just apply the glue only on a one-inch width strip, not on the whole paper.

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texture painting on tin can

Immediately after applying the glue, take any zero/ one number paintbrush. Flip the brush over and start drawing with the tip of its backside on this glued paper.

Remember, give a little push to the brush while drawing. Otherwise, your drawing impressions will not come out properly.

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DIY tin pen stand with glue textured paper

Again, apply the glue to a small part of the paper and keep drawing your design on it.

Repeat the pattern all over the paper. We drew some spiral motifs on it and drew few apples on the other pencil stand.

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DIY tin pen stand with texture painting

After finishing the drawing, take a break and leave the paper for a while until it becomes completely dry.

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Texture painting and DIY tin pencil stand

When it gets completely dry, start the curious step of the project.

Have your favorite poster or acrylic color and a flat brush. I used the number 3 paintbrush.

Do not mix water in the color. Use only thick color.

Take some color on the brush and apply a small stroke on rough paper to remove the extra color from the brush. Just watch this video tutorial for it.

Then only, apply this dry brush on the glued paper. Keep repeating this step and soon you will start seeing your embossed art.

glue stick texture painting on tin pencil holder

Color the whole paper with this dry brush technique and let it dry.

So… here is your textured paper with some glue and color.

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DIY tin can pencil holder with texture painting

Apply some glue on the tin can and paste this textured paper around it. I added some polka dots to it later.

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DIY tin can pencil holder with glue texture painting

In addition, these textured papers can be used in many ways and craft projects. Give it a try and push the limits of your arty and crafty imaginations.

DIY tin pen stand with texture painting

You can create your own textures and add some beads, pearls, stones, or ribbons to make them more beautiful.

I hope you find this craft useful and easy to do for your kids. Please let me know your experience in the comment section. You are always welcome.

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