Jan Aushidhi Facts(generic medicine)

jan aushidhi: unheard facts you should know

what is pradhan mantri bhartiya jan aushidhi pariyojna(PMBJP)?

In this post I will try to explain you the unheard facts about Jan Aushidhi Pariyojna. So that, may be you too get inspired like me and take this campaign forward.

Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushi dhi Pariyojna (PMBJP) is the novel project of the Government of India, providing quality medicines at affordable prices.

Sale of these generic medicines through exclusive outlets named Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushidhi Kendra. The first PMBJP Kendra was opened on 25th November 2008 at Amritsar in Punjab.

what are generic medicines?

jan aushidhi facts you should know

A generic medicine (Jan Aushidhi) is a pharmaceutical drug that contains the same chemical sub-stain/property as a drug that was originally protected by chemical patents.

Generic drugs are allowed for sale after the patents on the original drugs expire. Because the active substance is the same, the medical profile of generics is believed to be equivalent in performance. A generic drug has the same active pharmaceutical ingredient.

why are the generic medicines cheap?

jan aushidhi facts you should know

During the period of patent, only the company/companies having a license can manufacture a salt/medicine, because they had already spent worthwhile money on research, analysis, experimentation, evolution, trading, and publicity of a molecule/drug.

But after the expiry of the patent period, any company/companies make the medicine as same as generic which is already invented and publicized.

So the making of the drug becomes less and faces the competition in the market, medicine gets cheaper.

vision of pradhan mantri bhartiya jan aushidhi pariyojna

Everybody knows that branded medicines are sold at a very high price in India, for some reason to another. While the actual cost of these medicines is very low.

During the 11th five year plan, started with effect from 2008-2009, Jan Aushadhi Scheme was the Novel Project launched in the year 2008.

It was proposed that at least one Jan Aushidhi Kendra to should be opened in each of 630 districts of the country. It was decided that the scheme would run on the principle of no profit no loss.

At the Government level, there is no government subsidy/assistance, but the initial support would be given.

why this scheme failed initially!

Due to non-government financial support, this Nobel project launched by the government in 2008, not reached anywhere.

The CPSUs, which were engaged, was not able to cope with the demand for the drugs and the range of the medicines. Due to this, such Kendra could reach a level of 99 only, all over the country.

The number of medicines was only 200, but actually, availability was only 50% of the basket of 200 medicines and it did not work.

how the PMBJP Campaign Flourished?

jan aushidhi facts

After taking the charge by the new Government, led by Mr. Narendra Modi in 2014, effective implementation of the Jan Aushidhi scheme has been reviewed vitally.

There were pondering sessions, public opinions with several stakeholders of the project.

Initially, the Government has also made provision of Rs 1000 cr in the financial budget, to successfully implement the scheme and in November 2016, the Jan Aushidhi Scheme rebuild as ‘Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushidhi Pariyojna.

new life to the PMBJP campaign 2015-16

And a new strategic Action Plan SAP 2015 prepared and implemented, such as availability, acceptability, accessibility, affordability, public awareness, and effective implementation approved by the Hon’ble Minister of chemical and fertilizer department.

The new department named Bureau of Pharma PSUs of India (BPPI) established, which is now managing and running the project successfully. You may visit their website here, and find out the details about all medicines, near by Kendra, want to open a Kendra, and their upcoming drives.

All the medicines are being tested by NABL (National Accreditation Board For Testing and Calibration Laboratories ) and stamped on each strip of the medicines.

status of the project on 31st march 2020

  • The Product basket contains more than 1400 ( 1050 drugs+ 350 surgical and consumable items) medicines now.
  • Scheme is now covered across India, in all the districts. As of 31st March 2020, there are 6500+ operational ‘Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushidhi Pariyojna Kendra working.

benefits of PMBJP Campaign

jan aushidhi facts

These centers are proving to be a boon for people across all over India. For those who can not afford expensive and branded medicines, it is no less than a miracle.

Slowly people are becoming aware of this drive and started using its benefits. Some price differences can be seen below.

price comparison

Medicine NameAverage Market PricePMBJP Price
Rosuvastatin 20mg 10 tb.₹ 228.41₹ 27.34
Gliclazide 80mg 10 tb.₹ 84.16₹ 20.25
Glimepiride 2mg 10 tb.₹ 48.74₹ 5.05
Voglibose 0.3mg 10 tb.₹ 81.83₹ 12.75
Metformin Hydrochloride 500mg 10 tb. ₹ 16.59₹ 5.15

All figures are taken from PMBJP website. You can easily get detailed information over there.

There is an endless list of like these reasonable medicines under this Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushidhi Pariyojna.

Rather, the situation has become such that the demand for medicines at the center is high and the stock is less with the seller. And perhaps this is also the lack of this plan.

They also have their app named Jan Aushidhi Sugam (BPPI) App. You can easily download the app from google play store here, and from apple app store here. And then you can check the prices, near by centers with other description on your mobile phone too.

what inspired me to write about PMBJP?

jan aushidhi facts

Under this plan, sanitary napkins are also available at a very cheap price. We all know that how pocket looting napkins are sold in our country.

So our Government has also taken an important step in this direction too and Only One Rupee Napkin is being provided at the centers through this drive.

Perhaps, that encouraged me to write this post. As a woman, I know the value of this solution and thus, wanted to spread the word through my blog.

Millions of girls do not use pads because they can not afford those high brand or due to some other reasons. This Suvidha sanitary napkin is the answer to all their questions.

jan aushidhi facts

Please if you meet someone, whether he/ she is your help, or office staff, or a needy one, please spread the word and tell them about this pad, so that they can take benefit and keep themselves and their girls happy, healthy and hygiene.


I do not want to make anyone famous by writing this, I just wanted to make people aware who do not know about it and are not able to take benefits of this plan.

I know… Some of you will be thinking that would this help…? See… I know the power of blogging, that I can reach to many readers, so why do not take advantage of it and use this power for social awareness. That was the only thing.

pros of pradhan mantri bhartiya jan aushidhi pariyojna

  • Increasing the number of stores rapidly.
  • medicines are cheaper up to 30-90 %.
  • No quality compromise, WHO GMP quality assured and approved, and each strip stamped by NABL.
  • Generic medicines work the same as branded medicines. No changes in safety, strength, quality, characteristics, and dosage level.
  • Relaxing eligibility criteria for opening a PMBJP center.

cons of pradhan mantri bhartiya jan aushidhi pariyojna

  • Lack of public awareness.
  • Doctors do not prescribe generic medicines.
  • Uneven supply chain.
  • Centers do not get all items from the list.
  • Not regular supply of medicines which are top listed in demand.

story inspiration


I am feeling proud to say that, this story inspiration is given by Vishal Jain. He is involved in this project since March 2017. Being an office-bearer of a local NGO called Jain Temple Trust, he put up a suggestion to the NGO, to open a PMBJP Kendra in a temple premises which belongs to their Trust. He did the needful and after a few months, It was approved and implemented. According to him: the feedback of the people is very positive, especially from senior citizens as they are at the age of ‘more medicines and less money‘. He is working seamlessly with his team on this project and the trust is generating a good revenue after selling of around ₹ 3 lakh medicines per month and investing in good deeds.

My goal behind this post is only awareness and unboxing the unheard facts about Jan Aushidhi Pariyojna, so that more and more people can benefit.

If you are influenced by this write-up, and do aware that even one percent of your surrounding, this effort of mine is successful. Thanks for reading my post, and please keep sharing your thoughts about this awareness and spread this blog if you find so.


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    1. yes.. low in cost but standards are same as branded medicines. so need to aware people and break this myth that, these are low quality or company medicines. thanks for replying. 🙂

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