mask a need or a fashion statement


This COVID-19 pandemic has shaken every single person in the world. Nobody is untouched with its impacts whether it is a physical, economical, or emotional upshot. Each one is skirmishing with it at its optimum.

We all never thought that we would glimpse this terrible phase of our lives.

Our elders are also so shocked by this sticky situation and keep on enumerating their statistics that why this disaster happened?…how it happened?…how long it will last?…and so on…

But personally what I have experienced is that, every single prediction is a big fail in front of this monster. Yes…monster.

My little one calls it ‘monster’ and I think I accord her, as it swallowed our every ritual, vogue, customs, social behavior, freedom, me time, celebrations, holidays, and everything, the list is endless.

mask a need or a fashion statement

At the same time, we are becoming a slave of sanitizers, gloves, and mask…hmm..mask…I shouldn’t say that, as it is a very sensitive topic but in this high pandemic land, this mask makes me smile sometimes and why…that I would love to share with you.

I know what you’re thinking but at this instant, we can both agree on the mask is getting more attention rather than any other personal protective equipment to go around.

Initially, it was an option but now wearing a mask is a sort of mandatory and decreases the chances of transmission, it protects you and the people around you.

More people wearing masks must decrease transmission overall. But gradually it is taking a higher position in terms of fashion.

I am pondering and surprised that mask designing is being out of the box cogitation. It seems that there is no mask, but rather jewelry, each one is searching for a different ornate mask.

Moreover, branded masks have also grown, which cost skyrocketing. I don’t know to what extent they are in demand, but this new tradition has already started.

mask a need or a fashion statement

New ways of mask designing are coming up and such designs get you confused that mask will remain a necessity or will become a fashion statement.

Embroidered mask, diamond embedded mask, matching mask, kids mask, the bride and groom masks, the list is infinite.

The mask market is growing like mushrooms. I am not sure, that these masks are well qualified in medical terms to curbing this transmission.

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A while back, I was exploring my social media page, and shortly I came across a news story about a celebrity, who promoted a product wearing a mask from a very luxurious fashion brand, and the cost of his mask was mentioned in some five figures.

A smile came on my face again and started asking myself, is this right? …And then some good feeling came to my heart like…okay man, What is wrong in it?

My mother often says that if you do something that gives you some happiness without causing harm to others, then there is nothing wrong.

We learn to live life in every situation, and this is the strength that nature has given to humans as a gift. In every sorrow we find joyousness.

Even in this rigorous ordeal, we fetch ways to laugh and be happy, then if our pocket grants us the joy of wearing designer masks of our degree, why not!

And anyway, whether we accept it or not, this pandemic period has taught us to enjoy a few of those little things that we had forgotten a long ago.

Masks have to be applied and the situation seems to be that, it will probably be an integral part of our wardrobe for long, so why not take it in style but with health guidelines.

mask a need or a fashion statement

This virus is very stubborn, so we too… Thus we will take precautions, wash our hands regularly, wear gloves, do not even embrace our loved ones.

we will also wear our favorite masks since we know how to live blissfully in every thorny moment and will confront, confront till the end with this monster.

And, I am definite, we will succeed. Moreover, we will regain our freedom it has snatched from us.

With this hope, be happy, be healthy, and stay safe and please dispose of your masks scientifically and mindfully.

Try to use reusable and washable masks, as all the creatures of this planet have only one home.

The above words are totally my thoughts and no intention to hurt anyone.

If your kids like drawing & coloring, Try this easy pattern with them, during this stay at home period.

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  1. Excellent post on sudden trend around fashion routine ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    Quite thoughtful, loved it โฃ๏ธ

  2. Vishal chand jain

    For ladies, no need to go beauty parlour, saving a big money, after starting use of Mask in such corona days.
    Ha ha ha…

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